Information and Referral Center

The APDA Information and Referral (I&R) Center of Nebraska is the only educational resource Center in the state that focuses entirely on Parkinson’s disease. The Information and Referral Center provides five services in assisting the Parkinson’s community throughout Nebraska.  These services include education, support group sponsorship, information and resource provision, referral assistance and awareness.

The Parkinson’s Empowerment Programs include five teleconferences broadcast to 14 Nebraska locations, two major symposiums presented by medical experts and educational sessions for the newly diagnosed patient.  The I&R Center assists  24 support groups in Nebraska that provide a setting for the exchange of information, ideas and encouragement to enable the participants to better cope with the challenges of Parkinson’s.  The Center also offers resources and referrals to aid the person in their journey to maintain an optimal quality life while living with a chronic disease.  Please explore all the options that are available to you through the website.

The I & R Center has a five-fold purpose:

  • Provides information and resources to the Parkinson's community.
  • Offers referrals for services such as medical professionals, physical therapists, home health care, respite and exercise programs to name a few.
  • Coordinates and assists with Parkinson's support groups in Nebraska. There are currently 22 support groups in various cities in Nebraska.
  • Raises awareness in regards to Parkinson's Disease throughout Nebraska. April is Parkinson's Awareness Month and several special events take place to raise awareness about the disease.
  • Conducts and organizes educational programs to train professionals as well as patients, caregivers, family and friends. An Annual Parkinson's Disease Symposium is held twice a year; one in North Platte and one in Omaha. The coordinator also organizes teleconferences that are broadcast to support group sites across Nebraska. The Parkinson's community can interact with the speaker live, allowing them to get current information about the disease without having to travel long distances.


The I & R Center works collaboratively with the Nebraska Chapter of the APDA. While the center is responsible for providing information and education to the Parkinson's community, the Nebraska Chapter's primary focus is to raise monetary support and public awareness of Parkinson's disease throughout Nebraska.


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